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You’ve interviewed candidates for a new role and you’ve decided that one of them is suitable for the job. But how do you know that what they’ve been telling you about their last role is true?

Taking references has always been a crucial part of the hiring process and helps you confirm that you’ve made the right decision or potentially may have made a wrong one.

Whilst not a legal requirement, wouldn’t it be helpful to have the opinion of your new employee from their previous employers?

Download our easy-to-use employee reference documents that will provide you with all the details you need to manage reference checks for a new employee.

Reference Request Form

This is the form you issue to the candidate you have offered the job to so they can provide you with details of their previous employer/s they wish for you to take the reference from.

Reference request letter previous employer

This is the letter to use when asking a previous employer to provide a reference for a candidate that you have offered a job to.

FREE Reference for an ex-employee letter

This is the letter to use when responding to a reference request about an ex-employee.

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