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Why is it important to have a Paternity Leave Notification Form? 

As an employer, you are obliged by law, to provide Paternity Leave to your employees in line with legislation. If you don’t manage the process correctly you could leave yourself and your business exposed. It’s not only expectant mothers that you need to accommodate but also expectant fathers.

Once an employee has told you that they are expecting you need to complete a Paternity Leave Notification Form which will be held in your employees personnel file.

Our Paternity Leave Notification Form is easy to use and will provide you with everything you need to formalise the Paternity Leave.


You may well have had some of your female employees inform you that they are pregnant and will be going on maternity leave, but how about the Dads? Along with Mums having maternity rights, dads have paternity rights too!

Paternity rights can also be pretty complex and costly if you get it wrong and you as the employer are obliged to follow employment law obligations.

The Paternity Package guides you in how to manage your employee when he asks for paternity leave and pay through the entire process, including what to say if he isn’t entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay.

If you want to know more about how to manage the Paternity Process, give one of our experts a call who will be happy to help you!

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100% Compliant with Employment Legisation

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