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Probationary Period Termination Letter Template


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Why is it important to have a Probationary Period Termination Letter Template? 

The Probationary Period is designed for you to assess the suitability of your employees whilst they are still at the beginning of their journey with your company. The Probationary Period is a great way to protect yourself and your business as there is more flexibility in the probationary period than if they have completed it successfully.

But what if your employee hasn’t performed well and you decide to terminate their employment within their probationary period?

HR Heroes Probationary Period Termination Letter Template will provide you with the guidance you need in a simple, compliant,easy to use format.

HR Heroes Probationary Period Termination Letter Template will confirm to your employee that you have decided to terminate them and why. You need to provide a copy to your employee for their records and retain one on their personnel file too.

Employee Appraisal:

Employee Appraisals are a great way of assessing the current status of your employees and how they are performing within your company.

Appraisals allow you to monitor employee performance, identify what they’re good and not so good at, set targets and objectives and enables employees to develop their skills to increase the value they add to your business.

Whether it be a new starter that is due their probationary period review, a monthly 1-2-1 or an annual appraisal, you will need the right documentation to guide you through the process.

HR Heroes Employee Appraisal Documents will cover all areas of Employee Appraisals including Employee Appraisal Form, Monthly 1-2-1 Form, Probationary Review Form and all Probationary Period Letter Templates.

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100% Compliant with Employment Legisation

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