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Employee Grievance Documents Package


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There are many reasons why an employee may raise a grievance, it may be because of a dispute between a fellow employee or even with a line manager – but whatever the reason you need to manage the situation correctly and this is where HR Heroes Grievance Documents comes in! If a grievance isn’t managed correctly the situation can escalate very quickly and turn in to a bigger issue such as constructive dismissal or even end up in an Employment Tribunal!

HR Heroes Employee Grievance Docuements Package provides you with all the templates you need to arrange,conduct and give decisions on formal grievances, making sure you follow your employment law obligations on the way and protect yourself and your business against any unwanted costs.

Our Employee Grievance Letter Templates Package consists of:

  • Employee Grievance Letter Template (Decision)
  • Employee  Grievance Letter Template ( Invite to Hearing)
  • Employee  Grievance Letter Template (No Further Action)
  • Employee  Grievance Minutes Template (Blank Template)

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