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Why is it important to have a Contract of Employment Template? 

Having all of your employees on compliant Employment Contracts is vital to not only ensure you are compliant with the law, but to also ensure you are providing your employees formal documentation that allows you to provide them with a clear to the rules that govern their employment with your business.

As an employer you are obliged to at the very minimum issue a basic statement of terms and conditions to all of your employees within 8 weeks of them starting work with you – the statement of terms and conditions provides you with some protection, however a full contract of employment will ensure you are minimising risks of unwanted disputes that cost your business (and you) time and money.

The majority of small businesses are also not aware of what is or is not legally binding, for example, contractual employment terms don’t have to be written in the contract for them to be legally binding. A verbal offer can be made and it is still legally binding even though you haven’t confirmed it in writing.

HR Heroes Contract of Employment  is easy to use and will provide you with everything you need to protect you and your business when hiring a full-time employee.

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100% Compliant with Employment Legisation

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