January 19, 2016

Zero Hours Contract – Updated Regulation

On 11th January 2016, the updated Exclusivity Terms in the Zero Hours Contracts (Redress) Regulations 2015. The updated regulation will offers Zero Hour Workers with protection against detriment and dismissal in certain circumstances:


The updated regulations provide that:


  • From the first day of their employment, dismissing an employee who is working under the terms and conditions of the Zero Hours Contract will be unfair if the primary reason for dismissing this employee is that they have materially breached the terms of their zero hours contract which tried to prohibit the employee from gaining paid work with another employer


  • Any employee who works under the terms of a Zero Hours Contracted has the right NOT to be subjected to any detriment if they work for another employer, in breach of any other clause they may have tried to restrict them from doing so.



For further information, full detail of the updated regulations are available online at:



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