April 28, 2016

What Makes for A Flawless Hiring Process?

Back to Basics: Question Time


It’s the basic foundation of any learning process and there is nothing more simplified in the hiring process than asking a list of prepared questions, in order to find out the suitability of a candidate.  In the testing and interview phase, if you ask the right questions it can help you to gather much more insight about someone’s work ethic, personality, ideologies, priorities and so on.

There are a range of ways in which you can make the interview process cost-effective, streamlined and successful.  It can even include psychometric, personality and aptitude tests to find out more about your prospective employee: Can they be flexible? Are they motivated? Can they be pro-active whilst seniors are taking care of other business? How do they deal with pressure? Such tests are a great way to add to the process of face to face interviewing, rather than relying on the latter alone.

Looking Beyond Academics & Experience – Is Emotional Intelligence Important?


In addition to the testing stage, it will also highlight other contributing factors that are covered under the term, ‘emotional intelligence’.  Questions asked can be based on who inspires them, to how would they adapt if priorities/roles suddenly changed.  It’s important to know what drives and motivates people, and to see whether working for your company will motivate them to succeed and excel further in their chosen role, or see them sink amidst the pressure.  This is why having a solid interview and testing stage will doubly make sure you don’t give that contract of employment away to the wrong candidate!

Emotional intelligence testing will also gauge how they will work within a team, deal with criticism or understand how their behaviour affects others and such testing can be a key element.  For example, if someone is enthusiastic but not necessarily academic, then they may be more suited to a specific role and trusted to do their job than their counterpart, who perhaps is degree level, constantly needs new challenges and could soon be hunting for pastures new.


Evaluating The Results & Making Your Decision


Ultimately, it is when you have employed the chosen candidate that you will really see how they fit within your team, your business but also to see how they deal with challenges as an individual.  While there is no hard and fast rule to finding the perfect employee, we are also reminded of the old adage that ‘nobody is perfect’.  Therefore, to make the best decision a good HR consultancy could do the hard work for you.  By outsourcing this part of the hiring process to them, they will be able to look at the candidate with a fresh pair of eyes and offer an unbiased approach.  This could prove extremely useful if the particular candidate is already based in house, with no external candidates having applied.

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