May 5, 2016

Voters being turned away from London polling stations?

Voters being turned away from London polling stations?

From 7am to 10pm, people in London are able to vote for their next Mayor.


Today was the day that Londoners will arrive in their droves to vote for the man that will replace the immensely popular Boris Johnson.

Well, at least that is what was supposed to be happening, but there are reports coming out of London that hundreds of voters are being turned away from polling stations with no real explanation as to why.

Londoners are going to Twitter to vent their frustration after being left dumbfounded as to why they are not able to vote.


Am now being told that polling stations across the London Borough of Barnet have been given incorrect voting lists. Hunderds can’t vote – David Byers


Here’s my polling card and I’ve just been turned away without a vote. I’M F*~KING FUMING. Please RT! – Rosie Wyatt

London Polling Card

Some Londoners have been told they can still vote even with the incorrect information being passed to polling stations if they bring identification.

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