Why is Keeping up to date with Employment Law Important?

When you own, manage, run or work in a small business you don’t have the same resources and budgets that larger companies have. With Employment Legislation changing on a regular basis, how do you ensure that your business is always up-to-date and compliant when these changes happen?

With regular changes and updates to Employment Legislation, such as changes in statutory legislation including Maternity Rights and Holiday Entitlement, any business, large or small, needs to update and  review it’s HR and Employment documents on a regular basis to make sure it’s always compliant with existing legislation and not leave itself exposed. As a client of HR Heroes, we guarantee to ensure that all your HR and Employment Law documents are always up to date.


I had to chase the previous company I used for HR when there were any law changes but HR Heroes have it sorted for me well in advance
Software Development, Surrey / Owner

We provide all of our clients with regular employment law updates and news as to what’s going on in the world of Employment Law. We give notice in advance of what changes to expect and what needs to be updated or changed including drafting new policies or updating existing ones to ensure 100% compliance, even when changes happen.

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