January 7, 2015

Two-thirds of workers too busy to take breaks

Two-thirds of workers too busy to take breaks


Research conducted by Bupa shows that a large proportion of workers are just too busy to take a break during their working day, where only 29% of employees are taking a lunch break and 28% are not taking any break at all during the working day.


Even for those who do take a break, a large proportion are still answering calls and replying to emails with 45% not leaving the compamy premises.


What does this say about how we expect our employees to work in today’s climate and in response to this are we as business owners acknowledging this discretionary effort, are we ensuring that in return we look after their wellbeing?


Legally and under the Working Time Regulations, employees are entitled to take breaks, 20 minutes for every 6 hours worked, this is so that staff can have a breather, have some lunch and step away from what they are doing, re-focus. The result? Greater attention and concentration and that can only be a good thing right? What employer wouldn’t want a more motivated and productive employee…


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