May 19, 2016

Toxic and sexist working environment at Facebook?

Toxic and sexist working environment at Facebook?

As news editor, journalist or IT technician, working at Facebook is meant to be the ultimate job. Being involved with the worlds leading social network giant surely has many perks…although based on recent reports, not as many as they would have you believe.

There has been recent news in the media from former Facebook employees accusing the social network giant of supressing news stories that would have bias towards conservative views and readers and include other stories in the news feed even if they weren’t popular enough to include them automatically.

Another former Facebook employee, as detailed in the guardian this morning, has opened up about. What she felt was a high toxic, sexist work environment. Although she denied that she had been told to suppress any conservative content, she felt that poor management, favouritism, sexism  and intimidation made a lot of the employees “angry and without a voice and opinion”.

Facebook’s trending tea started in 2014 with approximately 50 staff however around 15 have quit since 2014, 10 of those being women.

According to the source, workers were constantly having information “shoved down our throats” and were regularly prevented form going on lunch breaks. If grievances or issues were raised, particularly by female employees they were told to stop making trouble and “pitting colleagues against each other” even though they would often receive conflicting information from senior people within the team. So what about raising formal problems?

“We have no recourse and no HR department to speak to”.

Any issues were fluffed over by senior managers however when male workers brought up any issues they were congratulated and encouraged.

Unfortunately, in the US, employment legislation is more focused on protecting the employer rather than the rights of employees and other workers.


Facebook has denied any wrong doing and feels that it is one of the leading firms with regard to employee rights in the US after including minimum wages for contractors and providing shared parental leave.

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