December 4, 2014

The Christmas party and getting it right!

The Christmas party and getting it right!


Most companies will have arranged their Christmas party by now – a great night out of eating, drinking and dancing. A way for the business to say thank you to its staff for all their hard work over the past year.


Are you a bit worried about the arrangements though? Have you got everything covered, like…


Is your venue easy to get to, and how will your staff get home? Even though this is a social party, it is still considered a work event and therefore as the employer you still have a duty of care. You could provide staff with the number of a taxi firm, or if you’re feeling flush, put transport on for them to ensure everyone gets home safely.


Have you taken into account the differing religious beliefs that could affect arrangements such as food and drink? Our workforces are so diverse now, you need to take into account those that don’t drink alcohol and food that caters for everyone, such as vegetarian and halal food.


What are you doing about alcohol? Are you putting on a free bar, or perhaps drinks tokens that limit the amount of free drink your staff can consume? Either way ensure you have some non-alcoholic drinks available and expect that if you are giving your staff free booze, that it could well get messy!


Which leads me onto my next point, what will you do if a member of staff is drunk and behaves in a manner that is unbecoming to the reputation of the business? Let’s face it, all sorts can happen at the Christmas party, so lay out your expectations before the event so that staff know what will and won’t be tolerated.


Though the actual Christmas party may not be the end of it – you may well get a member of staff that simply doesn’t turn up the next day or do drag themselves in, but aren’t productive, how are you going to manage that scenario? It may well be that you are tolerant of this behaviour after the Christmas party, and if you are then that is fine! But if you are expecting your staff to turn up the next day and work productively, then if someone is absent or flagging at work you can deal with it following your normal absence or absent without leave process.


All in all though, if well organised and thought through the Christmas party should be a resounding success, and the office will be a buzz the next day with tales of what happened the night before, if not told with some sore heads!


Enjoy and Merry Christmas from all at HR Heroes!

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