June 9, 2016

Taking On Talent

Most businesses will most likely take on people who will benefit the business in some way and that usually comes in the form of experience, first and foremost; knowing that you can leave your business in good hands when you are not there, makes for a more comfortable feeling and hiring someone with experience in your niche will more likely than not deliver those skills when needed.

However, it is good to consider those with academic expertise to ensure that you also have a team of people who can deal with specific or difficult tasks that no one else can manage and create a varied workforce.


Preparing Graduates For Your Company’s Hiring Process

To avoid the mismanagement of this new talent, there are a few things that you can look to do when hiring new talent with preparation for entry being the highest priority:

  • Career Preparation – your HR department or representative should look to provide you with the means to help prepare your business and your candidate with the best start. Preparation for the job will lead to a much happier and productive talent base.  Career setting will have been implemented prior to work level, however it is also a good way to assess that you are employing the right staff.
  • Setting Career Goals – another indicator of hiring the right talent, is to find out what their career goals are for the long term and whether they are in line with the progression process of your company. It also means that when you do hire the right candidate, they will be interested to know that they will have challenging goals that will help them to further develop themselves and their future with the company.
  • Encourage Ambition and Drive – even though your new candidate may not have as much experience, if any, their enthusiasm for the job will help you to get things done. Once staff training has been completed they will be eager to give their best performance and don’t forget, a lot of graduates will have been involved in groups for sporting events or other challenges which require them to be star players and encouraging healthy competition.
  • Create The Proper Documentation – for the purpose of hiring undergraduates, you may want to create an apprenticeship template that outlines their new role and identify any training or appraisals they will meet along the way.
  • Review Their Progress – as with any graduate you employ, they will be used to having their work assessed. Reviewing their progress on the job will be good for you and for them: you will make sure that you have definitely hired the best person for the job and they will feel confident that they have met their targets, confident to procedure with anything further which they are given.


Larger firms will spend more money on hiring people with a better education that can grow with the business over time but you can also do this if you have a much smaller business too.  Why not speak to our HR Consultants today to find out more? Hire the talent with some help from HR Heroes!

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