February 5, 2014

Staff sickness rates drop to 4.4 days a year

Number of days employees take off per year is down almost a third over the decade.

“Caroline Wood, co-founder of HR Heroes, said: “It’s encouraging that sickness-related absence levels are falling and there are probably a number of reasons why.

“For starters, the work environment these days is arguably much more commercial, results-based and target-oriented than it was 20 years ago.

“Also, more companies, these days, will only pay statutory sick pay, especially since 2008. In other words, people can’t afford to be off. This explains why the self-employed consistently have the lowest rates of sickness-related absence.

“In recent years people have also been much more wary of losing their jobs in an economy that is still uncertain. They see taking time off sick as taking a risk.”


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