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Why is it important to have a Zero Hours Contract of Employment Template? 

There has been a lot of controversy in regard to Zero Hour Contracts over the last couple of years – most noticeably with a well-known retail brand receiving the brunt of the bad publicity and scrutiny.

The controversy has been around clauses such as exclusivity and the ability to find work elsewhere whilst an employee is on a zero hour’s contract with another employer. However there is further information being released now in forms such as surveys that demonstrate that if used properly, zero hour contracts can be a useful agreement for both employer and employee where staff engagement is on a par with those employees who are on permanent contracts.

The Zero Hours Contract can provide flexibility to both parties and can be useful and fit in around work load and requirements, in addition to suiting employees who may for example have parental or caring responsibilities. Zero Hour Contracts normally mean there is no obligation for employers to offer work, or for workers to accept it.  Most zero hours contracts will give staff ‘worker’ employment status.

HR Heroes Zero Hour Contract doesn’t have the exclusivity clause within it, rather it covers areas such as the differing ways the employee agrees to be available for work and how the employer will inform the employee of any work they would like them to undertake.

As with all of our contracts of employment, once you employ a new starter you have an obligation to issue at the very least a basic statement of main terms and conditions within 8 weeks of them starting, but with our contract you will have access to a much deeper and extensively worded document that will ensure that there is no confusion as to what your employee’s terms and conditions are and the rules and guidelines you are requiring them to work to.

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