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Social Media Policy and Procedure


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Why is it important to have a Social Media Policy and Procedure? 

With the rapid rise of Social Media and how businesses use it to engage their customers and future customers, it is critical that your business has a policy that ensures you can control the way your staff are utilising Social Media.

Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ and Twitter have become part of everyday life with a lot of people communicating for both business and personal reasons through this media. However, these type of sites can become a forum where views are expressed that could cause offence or be misconstrued.

A good Social Media Policy and Procedure will ensure that your brand and your business is not exposed to legal and governance risks through the use of social media and that its reputation is not adversely affected.

This policy applies to all workers and employees of the Company, from senior managers to temporary workers, and to all forms of social media.

Areas covered in the Social Media Policy and Procedure include:

  • Purpose and Scope
  • Key Principles
  • General Points
  • Procedure
  • Terms of use
  • References through social media
  • Guidance for personal use
  • Guidance for the use of official business accounts
  • Policy enforcement

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