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Sick and Long Term Sick Documents Package


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No matter how committed and enthusiastic your employees are, there will always be the odd day here and there where they are sick and can’t come in to work. They could be off for a short period of time such as with a migraine or they could be off for longer, i.e. more than 4 continuous weeks with something more serious – this is known as long term sickness!

The Sick and Long Term Sick Package is a comprehensive package containing 5 separate documents that guide you through the process, including a back to work interview form and the all-important and legally compliant requests for medical records.

Our Sick and Long Term Sick Documents Package consists of:

  • Back to work interview form
  • Employee consent medical report form
  • Invite to a welfare meeting letter
  • Letter to doctor requesting a medical report
  • Letter to employee requesting consent

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