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Product Description

Please note: The Policy & Procedure Package is the same as the Employee Handbook

The Policy & Procedure Package contains the same documents as the Employee Handbook. An Employee Handbook is the best way to detail to you staff all of the Policies and Procedures for your business.

In any business, no matter whether you have 2 employees or 500, it is the responsibility of the employer to detail the businesses working practices, policies and procedures that employees are required to abide by. Some policies are business specific and others are statutory policies that are required hby law.

Statutory policies will detail the legal requirements, limits and processes for various typical scenarios that are protected by law, for example, the right to Maternity or Paternity leave and pay for eligible employees, the right to a minimum number of paid holidays each year and the right to statutory sickness pay.

Our Policies & Procedures Package consists of:

• Adoption Policy and Procedure
• Alcohol, Drug and other Substance Abuse Policy
• Capability Policy and Procedure
• Data Protection Policy and Procedure
• Disability Policy and Procedure
• Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
• Equal Opportunities Policy
• Flexible Working Policy and Procedure
• Grievance Policy and Procedure
• Harassment Policy and Procedure
• Health & Safety Policy
• Holiday Policy and Procedure
• Maternity Policy and procedure
• Parental Policy and Procedure
• Paternity Policy and Procedure
• Prevention of Illegal Working Policy
• Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure (Birth)
• Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure (Adoption)
• Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure
• Social Media Policy and Procedure
• Special Leave Policy and Procedure

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