April 25, 2016

Legal update – Paternity Leave

Legal update – Paternity Leave


Now that 5th April 2016 has passed, it means that the provision to be able to take Additional Paternity Leave (APL) is no longer open to fathers to be.  This is because of the implementation of Shared Parental Leave which is now fully in effect.


Shared Parental Leave is the option that father’s should chose if they want to take longer than the two weeks open to them with the standard Paternity Leave to help care for their new baby in conjunction with their partner.


Previously, a compliant Paternity Policy would have detailed both Ordinary Paternity Leave (OPL) and Additional Paternity Leave (APL), however as this is now covered in Shared Parental Leave, which was introduced in April 2015, your existing policy will be out-of-date and no longer compliant.


To update this policy, simply replace your existing Paternity Policy (this should be within your Employee Handbook) with an updated version that reflects the new laws. For ease you can download one here.

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