January 19, 2016

HR Heroes Top 5 HR Trends 2016

We are settling ourselves into 2016 and thought we’d let you know of some interesting updates ahead for this year in Human Resource Management, from HR professionals throughout the international community.

As a HR services provider in Manchester we like to keep on track and keep an eye on the latest news and updates.  With the rise of technology available to those in the HR industry, it’s helped to redefine what HR consultant, firms and in house teams are able to achieve and there is more to come… data will also feature heavily too.  This year will be no different as we launch our own HR software to help streamline your business’s processes.

So what are HR experts going to be looking for on the horizon as we enter 2016?  Here we offer our top 5 based for the year ahead, to give you some food for thought:

  1. Looking at Recruitment in A New Way & Updating Your Workforce’s Skills – Facebook’s Maud Durand has said that data will help recruiters to be more efficient, and allow them to make more strategic decisions. We couldn’t agree more that an understanding of the market is a key factor in the selection process, and data is a very good place to start.  Needing to make changes? Allow employees to step up if there are other opportunities where they may prevail – their job title doesn’t have to completely define their role; if they know about social media and its part of their culture, perhaps consider using their skills instead of employing a third party. It may also mean a change in their job title if they are successful, and the necessary amendments to their contract of employment. 
  1. Building A Strong Team – building relationships and understanding the core of your business should be at the very basis for all developments relating to business ownership and change management, for example. A strong team will be able to easily deal with these changes as they arise, and as such create the necessary means for a successful transition for all involved. Departments should be encouraged to work with each other and also people outside of the business, this will in turn help us to identify more rounded solutions to simple or even intricate problems. 
  1. Evaluating Employee’s Performance – some of the large companies such as Deloitte, General Electric and Accenture have dropped performance ratings and reviews creating a ‘revolution’, “We’re going to get rid of probably 90 percent of what we did in the past.” Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture. Perhaps it’s time to think differently about how you monitor and track progress, and try something new? https://hrheroes.co.uk/product-category/appraisals/
  1. Streamlining Work Processes for All – if there is something which is not working it is time to evaluate it. Transforming the way that we do HR through technology must be about creating systems that mean key departments can work together more efficiently.  By making sure that you are improving the day to day experience for the company’s employees, you will also keep them engaged, encourage them to retain their positions and also has a positive impact on their well-being.  If employees are set to deliver targets they must have the necessary resources available to help them achieve that, and having the right HR Software would be a great place to start.
  1. Creating A Work-Life Balance – as always, finding the right work-life balance is an issue that most businesses struggle with. By focusing on your employee’s health and well-being, you are also creating a stronger human side to the business and making your employees more resilient to the various challenges they meet every day.  Julie Hudtohan of Unilever believes that because the UK has become more volatile and uncertain, employees are feeling the stress and pressure associated with that.   They offering a third party counselling service which helps employees in need to deal with any issues they may have, and this in turn effects their work-life balance in a positive way.

If you need assistance with your HR, please get on touch with us.  We can work with your HR team to make this part of your business more efficient, saving you valuable time and resources and supporting their efforts in house.

HR Heroes