August 21, 2014

Geoff Beattie the Big Brother professor sacked unfairly by Manchester University

Geoff Beattie the Big Brother professor sacked unfairly


An interesting case involving Geoff Beattie, the Big Brother professor and the ruling by the employment tribunal that he was unfairly dismissed has been published by the BBC.


Mr Beattie’s previous employer, Manchester University, dismissed him for gross misconduct based on the grounds that he did not fully disclose the full extent of his media and broadcasting work outside of his normal employment with them, and whilst the tribunal agreed that he did breach company policy on this matter, they did however rule that this first offense was not serious enough to have been dismissed for.


It just goes to show that even large organisations who have established HR departments with defined policies and procedures still get it wrong.  The disciplinary process can be fraught with risk if as employers you don’t manage it properly – if you are facing a disciplinary situation with one of your staff members and you aren’t completely sure what to do, get in touch with us now on 0161 443 4170.


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