March 27, 2014

Feedback can be catalyst to change

Job interviews: Ask recruiter to be honest with you

One of the trickiest situations where people are keen to get feedback is after a job interview. David Coulter, co-founder of HR Heroes, is sanguine about the usefulness of it.


“You’d be advised to take feedback after an unsuccessful interview with a large pinch of salt. You may get palmed off with some platitudes along the lines of, ‘The other person was more experienced.


“Generally speaking the feedback you receive will only be the information they want you to know or are prepared to tell you.


“The most sensible way of gaining feedback (and actually showing your real interest in the job) is to go back within 24 hours to either the hiring manager or the recruiter and simply ask them to be honest with you.”


Sue Murray, head of HR at business management software company Access Group, agrees. “Ask for feedback as soon as you know the outcome of the job interview,” she says. “Request feedback in the same way whether you were successful or not. For example, if the employer called you, ask them while they are on the telephone.”


The most important thing is to take the comments on board, but not too personally.


“After all,” says Ms Murray, “it is their personal view of you at one moment.


“Remember that sometimes there is a ‘wow’ candidate who can just pip you at the post and that isn’t a reflection on you.”


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