Employee Wellbeing Benefit Packages

“Prevention is better than cure”. Rather than focusing only on improving the health of employees with ill-health, savvy employers also make it their business to encourage and promote healthy living. The aim is to prevent illness, or to at least reduce its likelihood and/or severity. There are lots of options to help with this, here are few:

Employee Assistance Programmes

In Recognition of an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ towards their employee’s mental health. These programmes provide employees with easy access to counselling and support services, and provide short-term focussed counselling sessions. Stress and stress related conditions are now the number 1 cause of absence within the UK workforce. Outcome success has proven links to speed of access to support, enabling issues to be addressed before they take hold and deepen. “Early diagnosis and treatment helps to aid recovery and can significantly improve someone’s long term prognosis” – Pablo Vandenabeele, Bupa’s Clinical Director of Mental Health.

These schemes are relatively low cost and produce a strong ROI.

Health Screening

Early detection of symptoms of ill health can have a huge bearing on the success and invasiveness of any required treatment. Full health screens include an exercise ECG, as some issues only show themselves when the body is put to work. Other, more limited screens are available depending on preference and budget.

A typical health assessment would also include some one-on-one time with a doctor, and an opportunity to discuss any concerns an employee may have, as well as receiving lifestyle tips and advice.

Occupational Health

The parameters of occupational health are wide and varied. Health surveillance includes services such as and eye tests, audiometry and lung function. These would usually be carried out relevant to specific job functions and on a pre-employment basis, designed to assess the current health of an imminent employee, and then to retest at regular intervals to monitor any changes in health.

Typically, occupational health services would also provide  access to ‘Independent Medical Assessments’ (IMA’s)’ for ill and/or absent employees. The assessments will analyse an employees present state of health, in relation to their ability to perform their normal job functions. The results can be used to create suitable return to work programmes, or, where feasible, to consider how the employees skills and capabilities may be distributed elsewhere in the business.

Gym Discounts / Retail Vouchers

Being able to reduce the cost of your employees gym membership is always going to be well received. Our partner has access to discounts with over 3000 gyms nationwide. They also provide access to a broad range of useful retail vouchers, such as apple/iTunes, Starbucks and Nandos (discounts partners subject to change).

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