December 10, 2015

Dealing with Absence in the Workplace

More and more businesses are wasting money every year due to unexpected absences in the workplace.  Last year as many as 960,000 employees were on sick leave, and this costs the UK economy more than £100 billion a year.  Your business is losing money due to such absences.  It’s not just about getting people back to work as the government conclude, it’s about supporting the very businesses that employ people in the first place and that means there is a greater need for human resource management.

Incentives Equal Enjoyment


We all need a reason to get out of bed every morning and for most of us that means our business, but employees need to be excited at the prospect of working for your organisation just as much as you do.  There are many programs out there that can work as incentives for your employees to work harder – after all it’s not their business it’s yours, so they need to be encouraged and reminded of the reasons they chose to work with you.  Employee perks could include discount vouchers, a team meal once a month or group efforts where people have a specific task such as within a bake-off for fundraising activities.  Encouraging your staff to eat well, exercise and have even take simple breaks also plays an important part in their well-being.  If your staff are happier, they are much more likely to act on the responsibilities and tasks they have been given with gusto.

Absence Without Leave


On the flip-side, there will be those employees who care less about how their actions affect the company they work for and this is why you need to know what your rights are.  When workers go AWOL, if you don’t have the right HR consultancy in place to help you deal with this grey area then you could face costly legal cases which could have been avoided.  There are also practical training courses for those in positions of responsibility, to help them deal with employment relations issues such as absence without leave.  It goes without saying that the hiring process will play a key part in determining the best applicants for your vacancy, but sometimes you cannot avoid unpredictable events such as this and thus need to be covered for any eventuality.


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