June 22, 2016

Chinese bank ‘spanks’ under-performing employees

A video has been released online that shows employees of a bank in China being spanked in public for poor performace.

The video, which was shot during a training session, shows the instructor asking the employees why the performed so poorly during the training session.

The instructor is then shown hitting the employees with a cane before, and not shown on the video, cutting and shaving their hair for additional punishment.

The video is certainly an eye-opening watch!


To spank, or not to spank?

It’s interesting that, China, who do not have a strong track record in employee rights have acted at all on this. I would be very surprised if this was the only time employees have been treated like this in China.

I’m sure every employer from time to time has been frustrated with their employees at some point however I doubt spanking is the right way to go about it. Not to mention, illegal.


The two executives responsible for the training session have been suspended by the bank, pending further investigation.

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