June 9, 2016

Chelsea settle out of court

Eva Carneiro, the former Chelsea first team doctor, who was sacked by Chelsea for coming onto the pitch during a game to provide treatment to a player, has settled out of court for a figure believed to be around £5m.

Ms Carneiro took Chelsea to an employment tribunal alleging constructive dismissal against Chelsea and additional allegations made directly against Jose Mourinho, the ex-Chelsea boss, of discrimination and victimisation.

Jose Mourinho had called Ms Carneiro ‘impulsive and naïve’ for going on to the pitch in the dying minutes to treat an injured player.

Chelsea FC apologised “ureservedly” to Ms Carneiro after settling out of court for her case of constructive dismissal. Interestingly, there was no apology for Jose Mourinho, even though it is understood this was part of Ms Carneiro’s demands.

Chelsea FC said: “”The club regrets the circumstances which led to Dr Carneiro leaving the club and apologises unreservedly to her and her family for the distress caused.”

Jose Mourinho remained silent on his way out of the court room, avoiding a series of questions from journalists, before boarding a waiting BMW. He did however allow himself a smile so he must have felt the day had gone well.


Our thoughts:

If we’re being brutally honest here this always looked like a cut and dry case for Ms Carneiro.

Chelsea FC failed to follow any sort of real process into understanding what happened on the pitch against Swansea. There was no investigation, certainly not that we know of, and everything seemed to be a case of Jose Mourinho not wanting her there for one reason or another and decided it was time for her to go.  A team doctor running onto the pitch to treat an injured player (even if he is play acting) is hardly naïve or impulsive.

Clearly, being demoted from her role in such a public and acrimonious way, was going to lead to her role being untenable, so the result of £5m (if that is correct) seems to be a good result for Ms Carneiro, although the whole process could have been so much simpler and quitter if done the right way. About £5m cheaper too!

Even if you have an employee that you no longer want in the business, doing things the right way will always minimise cost and time, not to mention any bad press that you may get. Did this look good on Chelsea as en employer? I’ll leave you to decide.

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