Business and Professional Contracts

Having the right contracts in place to protect your business are as important to small companies as they are to big ones. In fact, they are probably more important! It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying services or selling them; selling products on-line; hiring freelancers or incentivising your staff by providing share options, it’s critical that you protect your business and it’s interests by having in place the right contracts.

Having solicitors draw up legal contracts, agreements and Terms of Business is often very expensive so we have created a suite of compliant business and professional contracts that will provide you with all the protection a solicitor can at a fraction of the cost.


“Great value Employment documents that do what they say on the tin… easy to use and alter for exactly what I need.”
Textiles, Salford / Manager

We currently cover a number of areas for our clients including:

Ltd Co Contractor Agreements – The contractual relationship between a Ltd Co Contractor and a business must ensure that there is no co-employment risk on behalf of the business. Ltd Co Contractors are not the same as freelancers and need different agreements to protect your business

Freelancer Agreements – There are a lot of professions that are popular with freelancers and many small businesses look to use freelancers as it has many advantages.Freelancer agreements control and regulate the relationship between client and freelancer and make it easier to ensure you are meeting IR 35 requirements

Shareholders Agreements – If you’re looking to add a shareholder to your business or even if you want to formalise the relationship within your business, a shareholders agreement is a must have!

B2B Terms & Conditions – When you’re dealing with other businesses it’s important that both parties are aware of the scope of the agreement, what’s in it and what’s not in it.

Director Service Agreements – This differs slightly from a standard Contract of Employment as there are not the same obligations from an employer perspective such as opting out of Working Time Directives

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