Bespoke Letters

During any HR related process it’s critical that you follow the business processes and working practices that have been implemented and that are detailed in your Employee Handbook. To ensure you’re compliant, it’s important to ensure that you follow your own procedure which always involves written communication between you and your employees.

In a number of business processes such as disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures, there are timelines of what is required and when, so it’s important that the correct letters are drafted and sent within the timescales detailed in your Employee Handbook to ensure you’re compliant.


I was always worried about what to write in correspondence to staff for difficult to handle situations but now my HR Manager will do all that for me.
Accountants, Stockport / Director

To ensure you’re following your processes to keep you compliant and to also save you the time, your dedicated HR Manager will provide a complete administration service for all HR related paperwork, drafting bespoke letters and documents on your behalf, including:

  • Contracts of Employment for new employees
  • Contractual Change letters
  • Disciplinary Paperwork
  • Correspondence for expectant mothers and fathers
  • Grievance paperwork

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