Auto-Enrolment Services

From 2012, new pensions legislation came into effect, which will have an impact on every business in the UK – even if you have only one employee. In short, your business needs to have a pension scheme in place that meets with certain minimum standards and that certain types of employee can be automatically enrolled into.

There are some additional requirements in terms of registering with the Pensions Regulator, adequately communicating the pension scheme to all staff and some ongoing compliance & record-keeping too.

We work with businesses to help them not only comply with the legislation but also design a pension scheme that is ideal for the long term growth of their business and that will attract and retain high quality staff.


“I had no real understanding of the new auto-enrolment pension arrangements so having HR Heroes on hand to manage the entire process was a life saver.”
Software Development, Leeds / Finance Director

HR Heroes’ 3 easy steps to Auto Enrolment success:

1) Assessing your workforce

Simply provide us with your payroll data & we’ll produce a detailed report giving you the following information:

  • Your specific staging date along with what you need to do before, on and after this date
  • An assessment of your workforce telling you who will need to be auto-enrolled into a pension scheme and who doesn’t
  • A full breakdown of how much Auto Enrolment could cost your business in terms of total pension contributions, along with different contributions options that could save you money
  • A detailed breakdown of what the pension costs will be for each individual employee

2) Getting you set-up

We can get a qualifying pension scheme in place in your business, all for a low fixed fee.  We’ll do the following for you:

  • Source a pension scheme provider, advise you on the optimum contribution structure for your business and then get the scheme set-up
  • Communicate all of the details of the pension scheme & what it means to all of your team
  • Register you with The Pensions Regulator
  • Provide you with a due dilligence report confirming you have fulfilled all of your employer duties
  • All of this can be done online with minimal hassle for you or your business

2) Ongoing management

Setting up a scheme is just the start. The ongoing responsibilities can be quite complicated & time-consuming.  We’ll remove the hassle for you by:

  • Running your payroll on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Assessing your workforce every pay cycle, and managing the necessary communications
  • Managing opt-ins, opt-outs and postponement notices
  • Maintaining all pension scheme records which is now a legal requirement
  • Re-registering your pension scheme with The Pensions Regulator every 3 years

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