March 22, 2016

Are You Paying Your Employees Their Worth?

We all want our employees to be happy and fulfilled in their job – if they are, it’s more likely that they will want to stay and continue to contribute to the company’s success – so making sure that they have the right working conditions is paramount to their health and safety, and well-being overall.  Detailing what is and what is not required from your staff, is the very basis of their contract of employment and indeed the employee handbook.  These sometimes simple yet effective documents, protect you and your business from the potential mishaps, lawsuits and employee disputes, that could have otherwise been avoided.

So what happens if you find yourself in a position where you are in breach of employment law? Let’s look at holiday pay for example.  If not accurately reimbursed for their time, your staff could make back dated claims for all of their holiday entitlement, and ultimately from a business owner’s perspective, this would have a negative effect on your cash-flow.  Although, any claims brought to an employment tribunal on or after July 1st 2015 will only be able to claim unpaid wages for up to two years, you should still make time for a review and there are still other considerations which could affect where you stand.


Dealing Fairly With Expenses

Looking at treating staff fairly and dealing with unpaid wages, leads us to recent news where a major care company, (called MiHomecare) could be facing a large bill for not having paid hard-working carers monies due:

“Ms. Barlow worked for MiHomecare in Devon where the roads she drove down were often narrow country lanes. It could take her more than half an hour to travel between her elderly clients. That’s why she was owed more than £1,000 despite having worked for the company for less than six months.”  (source:

If you are a care firm, or your staff have to travel to clients for work and are not re-imbursed for their time, then your business could face the same fate as MiHomecare.  And when you consider that MiHomecare is owned by Mitie, a large corporation who should have its internal affairs (including HR) up to date and in line with employment legislation, this is obviously not the case here.  Again, even companies that think they’re in good shape are not.  Here we have a situation which has then opened the proverbial can of worms, leading to other carers to submit their case and cost the company yet more money.  So we are to learn from this situation that these mistakes could have been avoided, simply by making sure that the right structures were in place for those staff who work in these conditions.


Making Sure Your Business’s Practices Are Spot On

HR Heroes offer of your policies, procedures and documentation, then please call HR Heroes on 0161 4434170 and we will arrange a time to visit you.  Whether you have and in-house HR team, an external provider or oversee this type of documentation yourself, you can see why it is so important to look over the particulars mentioned here in more detail in order to protect your business.

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