HMRC settle freelancers £4000 holiday pay claim

Experts warn that freelancers deemed ‘employees’ may bring action after a landmark settlement between HMRC and one of their former freelancers. Caroline Wood, Director at HR Heroes says “this could open the floodgates for legal action from freelancers who have been classified as employees, which may include backdated claims…the cost of this could be huge”. […]

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‘Cultural misunderstanding’ costs employer £24,000

After having her claims dismissed by her employer as a ‘cultural misunderstanding’, the employee has won over £24,000 in a sex discrimination case. The claim had initially been struck out in 2015 due to the tribunal fees not being paid, but after employment tribunal fee’s had been abolished in 2017, the case was reinstated. A […]

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Mental Health a major worry for workers

Mind, the UK leading mental health charity conducted a survey of over 44,000 employees and found that poor mental health is endemic in the workplace with 48% of the 44,000 workers surveyed revealed that they had suffered with poor mental health in their current job. In collaboration with Mind, the Duke of Cambridge has launched […]

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