Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 14.06.08Great Employee Handbook!. All the key policies and working practices I want for my business are covered in one document and each policy is comprehensive and detailed. The policies I had in the previous employee handbook I had used were only a few lines long so gave me no protection whatsoever! I've recommended it to a number of business contacts.


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Employee Handbook



  • 100% Compliant
  • Live and Up-to-Date with all legislation updates and additions
  • Huge Savings on Solicitors Fees
  • Completely customisable including company logo and details
  • Downloads as a Microsoft Word Documents
  • 48 hour Money Back Guarantee


It is a legal requirement to follow statutory policies across your business and the easiest way of doing this is to ensure that you have HR Heroes’ Employee Handbook to cover all your legal obligations and more!


The Employee Handbook is a set of 21 policies and working practices that will guide the way your business deals with both day-to-day situations and disputes. The document can be edited and personalised to your business to make sure that it looks and reads exactly the way you want t to


A Staff Handbook is imperative when it comes to having one central document that clearly communicates to your staff the policies and procedures that govern your business, what is expected of your employees and how, as a company you will manage all sorts of different situations, such as Absence, Disciplinary, Holidays, Maternity, Paternity and usage of Social Media to name but a few.


HR Heroes Employee Handbook is the most comprehensive Employee Handbook available online and provides you with all the essential policies to protect you and your business.

Our Staff Handbook contains:

• Adoption Policy and Procedure
• Alcohol, Drug and other Substance Abuse Policy
• Capability Policy and Procedure
• Data Protection Policy and Procedure
• Disability Policy and Procedure
• Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
• Equal Opportunities Policy
• Flexible Working Policy and Procedure
• Grievance Policy and Procedure
• Harassment Policy and Procedure
• Health & Safety Policy
• Holiday Policy and Procedure
• Maternity Policy and procedure
• Parental Policy and Procedure – Updated April 2015
• Paternity Policy and Procedure
• Prevention of Illegal Working Policy
• Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure (Birth) – Updated April 2015
• Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure (Adoption) – Updated April 2015
• Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure
• Social Media Policy and Procedure
• Special Leave Policy and Procedure

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Why do you need an Employee Handbook?

Every business needs an Employee Handbook (sometimes called a Staff Handbook), it’s essential that you have great policies that will ensure you provide guidelines that your staff work by and so that they know what is expected of them.

As an employer you need to detail areas around employment law compliance, such as what the process is for dealing with disciplinaries, grievances, maternity and paternity and flexible working – these are just examples of the sorts of policies that you need.

The Ultimate Employee Handbook is also your opportunity to state other policies that you want to communicate to your staff, such as guidelines around your expectations for the use of social media, or how you want your employees to tell you that they aren’t coming in because they are sick etc.

Does a Staff Handbook really help?

If there is one piece of advice HR Heroes can give you is the most important HR item you need apart from the contract of employment is the Employee Handbook/Staff Handbook – it will help you deal with all sorts of situations that if you don’t have it will make your life as the boss a whole heap more difficult!

HR Heroes Employee Handbook contains 21 different policies that we have identified as vital for an SME.
You can also buy the documents individually.


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